AWS DynamoDB For The .NET Developer 👉 [NOT ON SALE]

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Project on hold

I did start writing the book; however, I haven't been making any substantial progress with it. I keep finding myself pulled between making this course or adding new videos and content to my blog and YouTube. Having this split focus has caused both things to be stalled and not make any progress at all.

So even though it's a tough decision to make, I have decided to put a pause on the DynamoDB course.

AWS DynamoDB For The .NET Developer

Are you a .NET Developer looking to level up your AWS DynamoDB skills?

Have you been working with AWS DynamoDB and struggling to find information on how to write that query to get the data you want? Are you Confused between the different kinds of syntax and how to write them? 

Don't worry, I was in the same place a year back when I joined my new company. I found very little information to get through my job and a lot of time searching and experimenting for ways to get work done.

I put together this course to help and guide the next person along my same journey.

'AWS DynamodDB For the .NET Developer' includes both an eBook and videos that you can watch along to learn about AWS Dynamodb. The course will cover:

  • Introduction to AWS DynamoDB and the basic concepts.

  • Build a mental model of how data is stored and organized in DynamoDB.

  • Understand different Programmatic Interfaces for working with DynamoDb.

  • Learn different data interaction mechanisms - queries, scans, and expressions.

  • Common use cases.

Through the book and the videos, I'll show practical examples, with a step-by-step walkthrough of every concept you need to know when building applications on DynamoDB.


Early Supporters

If you have been following my blogs and YouTube content, you already know how this content will be. So this is for you for having trust in me and supporting me along the journey. You get the content at a heavily discounted price.

You will get access to videos and new chapters as I make it.


Once the content is ready to be published, I will start the Pre-Release, then release.


What will I get as an Early Supporter? 

As soon as I make them and it is ready to go, you will be getting new content. I plan to publish a chapter or a new video every week. You will get read access to the google document where I'm writing the book. You are also free to add in comments, suggestions, and feedback.

Why is this not a YouTube Series?

Almost all my content has been free on YouTube and my blog. I have been wanting to try out something different, which is why this is not another YouTube series.

I have another question!

Sure! Shoot me an email at, and let's chat!


  1. Introduction

    • SQL to NoSQL

    • What is DynamoDB?

    • Common Use

  2. Core Concepts

    • Table, Item, and Attributes

    • Primary Keys

    • Secondary Indexes

    • Building a Mental Model

  3. Basic Data Interactions

    • Individual Items

    • Queries

    • Scans

    • Connecting to Mental Model and enforcing efficiency

  4. .NET SDK

    • Low-Level Interface

    • Document Interface

    • High-Level Interface

  5. Expressions

    • Key Condition Expression

    • Filter Expressions

    • Projection Expressions

    • Condition Expressions

    • Update Expressions

  6. Common Use Cases

    • Pagination

    • Migration & Versioning

This product is not currently for sale.

AWS DynamoDB For The .NET Developer 👉 [NOT ON SALE]

0 ratings